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Training is an incredible asset by which financially and socially minimized grown-ups and youngsters can lift themselves out of destitution and take an interest completely as residents.

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Education Perfect - Legacy

Education Perfect (EP) is an online platform designed to make learning fun, engaging and effective. EP blends engaging content, cutting-edge pedagogy and a ...

A Moment with Atharv Naik - 2017 Education Perfect World Series Winner

Register for the Education Perfect World Series 2018 now!

Creating your own assessment with the new Education Perfect Assessment Creator

This is a quick video to show how you can create your own assessments through the Education Perfect platform.

Education Perfect: Official Launch Video

The top secret unveiling of Education Perfect. Monday 22nd April 2013 at The Edge in Federation Square Melbourne, Australia.

Welcome to Education Perfect

We LOVE learning at EP. In this video, two of our users explain how EP has impacted their educational journeys. Come join us for the online learning revolution!

Te Ao Māori for Professionals with Education Perfect

Join a growing movement of professionals and organisations who have committed to developing their cultural knowledge and confidence in using Te Reo Māori ...

Education Perfect easy tasks to get points + 14000 points, lets go.

Easy tasks to get lots and lots of points. Hope it helps. Please subscribe.

Education perfect hack - how to get 1000000 points on education perfect-2020-How to do hacking on EP

Imma going to show you how to get 1000000 points in education perfect by using excel and how to do it with ease remember to like subscribe and share this ...


this is not a serious guide, i did not intend for this video to become popular. I was trying to make a parody of those old youtube tutorials from the late 2000s ...

How to make competitions using Education Perfect

This is a video that will show you how to create a competition through the Education Perfect Control Panel. If you have any questions or want to know more, ...

Education Perfect: How to create a test

A short video showing how to create a test in Education Perfect.

Education Perfect Radar

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Fireside Chats with Valentina & Klaus: Education Perfect

Meow-lcome back to Fireside Chats with Klaus and Valentina! This video series brings insightful CX stories from the industry leaders we all look up to right into ...

Welcome to Education Perfect Science!

Welcome to the Science portion of Education Perfect.

Education Perfect Languages Video Making Competition

Last month a total of 26 STA students from Year 5 and Year 6 submitted entries into the "Education Perfect Languages Video Making Competition". Among many ...

Education Perfect: Can it replace a textbook? Presentation by Mike Cujes, EP Content Genius 2014

Mike Cujes from St. Peters Lutheran College, Queensland is the 2014 Education Perfect Content Genius. After creating Maths content on Education Perfect ...

Join us for the Education Perfect FOBISIA Language Championship 2020!

This year, Nexus will be hosting the Education Perfect FOBISIA Language Championship 2020 for 72 schools across Asia. During the competition, learners will ...

Education Perfect

This playlist is from Education Perfect's own YouTube channel.

Setting a task - Education Perfect

How to set a task in Education Perfect, at least this is one way to set a task. There are other ways also....

Control Panel - Education Perfect

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How to use Education Perfect

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Pipetto Origami Shield iPad Case for Education - Perfect for Kids, Parents and Schools (1 min)

The Origami Shield by Pipetto is a fantastic 5-in-1, easy to position stand case. It's designed to protect the iPad, enhance learning and offer peace of mind for for ...

Free education perfect points working (2020)

This is how to get free education perfect points free working 2020 please like and subscribe for more of these or just please do it anyway thanks and enjoy.

Get a task completion report in Education Perfect

How to get a summary of all tasks your class have completed in Education Perfect.

Education Perfect Science 2018

What's new in EP Science. I will talk you through changes in the content library plus setting tasks and assessments.

Education Perfect

Education Perfect is the complete online teaching and learning solution. We believe in nurturing each individual student's personal learning journey with the ...

Education Perfect Testimonial - Alison Derbyshire, Head of Library and e-Learning

Alison Derbyshire is the Head of Library and e-Learning at Saint Kentigern College in New Zealand. Saint Kentigern College is the first school in the world to ...

Education Perfect Log-in tutorial

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